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| Be Self-Sufficient | Provide 100% of your homes heating needs at 100% savings.


Provide 100% of your home’s heating needs at
100% savings with a Wood Furnace!

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The wood furnace has been around for years but it was pushed to the wayside due to the low cost of fossil fuels and electricity. Now that the cost of fossil fuels and electricity is increasing and new research exposing the damaging effects that burning fossil fuels has on our environment, we are looking for a safe and inexpensive alternative. Well you found it!

The wood burning furnace is very efficient- basically your only cost is purchase of wood. Many people cut and get their own wood and enjoy the exercise that comes with outdoor activity. If you’d rather, have wood delivered to your door and still save 50% of your annual heating cost.

All that you need to do is add timber, lumber pallets or whatever you have available once or twice a day – That’s it!

Burning Fossil fuels has familiarized us with the terms “Green house effect” and “Global Warming”. With the climbing prices of Oil, propane and electricity, people are searching for alternative solutions to their increasing heating bills. As consumers we are locked into paying whatever price a corporation extends (war time or peace time) for fossil fuel. Also, the extent of damage fossil fuels have on our environment includes it’s shipment (Exxon Valdez). As scientist continue their research, we should change our ways to preserve environment rather than damage it further.

Burning cut timber is a source of energy that has been around since the beginning of time. Nature finds a way to burn off dead or dying trees using lightning and other forms of natural fire starters, to purge the dead and dying to make room for the new. You will probably remember a bear named “Smokey the Bear” and his message “Don’t Start Forest Fires”. You might be wondering where has he been. The US Forestry Service has realized that burning is a natural occurrence that is necessary to cycle trees and new growth. With Smokey’s help we immediately extinguished natural fires as soon as they started. What happened is that an excessive amount of dead trees and debris built up on the forest floor, so when a fire finally started it was incredibly hot causing “healthy” trees to be destroyed as well and killing seeds and kept baby shoots from germinating. This caused a total devastation which takes years to heal. We’ve learned that control burning is the best way to prevent this.

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