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Pool Heater

Pool Heaters? What do outdoor wood furnaces have to do with pool heaters?

Outdoor wood furnaces can provide heat for your pool at 0 cost and at a cost of a fraction of what a normal pool heater goes for.

So, what's the deal with pool heaters and outdoor wood furnaces?  

What if there were a way to heat your home, give you all the hot water you need for baths, showers, laundry and more, heat your pool, spa, and anything else you wanted to keep warm with a truly efficient and renewable resource? What if you could help the environment while you were heating your home? What if you could do all this for FREE?

It sounds too good to be true, doesnít it? But there is a resource that fits all of these specifications. Itís right in your backyard or down the road. Wood.

Now youíre saying, ďBut thatís old-fashioned and inefficient. Hey, and itís a lot of work. And itís dirty too!Ē

Not true. Wood heating has come of age. The modern exterior wood furnace takes advantage of the latest developments in heating technology. Set up outside your home, and using water and heat exchangers, our furnace burns cleanly and efficiently. In most cases it can be connected to your existing system to distribute the heat.

Because all your fuel is kept outside, you wonít have the mess associated with indoor stoves. The unit will burn all sizes and types of wood, tooÖeven those unsplittable knotty pieces. And the best part is you only have to feed it once or twice a day Ė even in the coldest weather. Load it up in the morning and evening, and the unit will do the rest. Water heated to 185 to 200 degrees surrounds the firebox, then it courses through tubing to your home where heat exchangers convert it to hot air which is dispersed by your existing system.

Coal, gas and oil are fossil-based, non-renewable resources. And in the last year, costs for these commodities have soared. Electricity prices are also climbing.

The environmental impact of these fuels is also a factor that must be considered. The methods used to extract fossil fuels are damaging. Home systems, unless they are constantly and professionally maintained, are not efficient burners. Electricity is often produced by coal-fueled plants or by hydroelectric dams that affect our fragile ecosystems.

There is no other source of warming your home that gives you all the advantages of a timber-fueled system. Itís environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. And with a little extra work, you can get all this for free. This is an energy source that grows virtually everywhere. Property is constantly being cleared and the leavings are perfect for your use. Haul it home and you and your family are warm all winter for the cost of a tank of gas.

Our company prides itself on bringing you the latest innovations in this technology, along with full service parts and accessories. We have years of experience and can advise you on choosing the right equipment for your home.

So what are you waiting for? These days we talk a lot about heating our homes with alternative fuels. Isnít it time to do more than just talk about it?


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