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Why Is It Better

What Makes a good Wood Furnace?

See How These Customers did their installs

See how these customers did their installs.

The Outdoor Wood furnace is by far the best way to heat your entire home.

1. The wood and bugs stay outside

2. You only need to split and cut wood to pick it up.

3. Smoke and dust is outside.

4. You only need to feed fire once a day.

5. You can heat about anything.

6. Can connect to most existing furnaces.

7. Burns more efficiently than other indoor wood stoves

8. Can heat domestic hot water

9. Can heat your pool or spa

10. Do I need to continue?

I have tried about every option out there and I can tell you confidently this is the easiest and cleanest way to to heat your entire home.

I even have experience in other outdoor wood burning furnaces. I have operated the Central Boiler, Wood Doctor and the Wood Master. I still own the units to show customers the differences between the units so they can make an educated decision.

Outdoor Wood Furnace VS Wood stove:

1. Refer to list above!

2. You will handle the wood a lot more with a  indoor wood stove.

3. You will burn more wood heating the same area with an indoor stove.

4. You can’t control heat very well with a  indoor wood stove.

5. Your at risk of burns (kids) with an indoor stove.

6. You can’t heat domestic hot water with an indoor wood stove.

7. You have to feed a indoor wood stove 5 to 6 times a 24 hour period.

8. You can’t burn soft woods like pine or hemlock with an indoor wood stove.

9. A good indoor wood stove is cost wise is very comparable to an outdoor wood stove.

10. Home owners insurance will increase with a indoor wood stove and decrease with an outdoor wood stove.

11. You risk carbon monoxide accumulation in the house.

Outdoor Wood Furnace VS pellet stove:

1. Refer to many of the points above.

2. Pellets prices will follow fossil fuel prices.

3 You have to buy a fuel source with pellet stove.

4. No dust inside the home.

5. Can’t manage the heat very well with pellet stove.

6. As expensive as an outdoor wood stove after install.

7. Pellet stove can’t heat anything else. (Domestic Hot Water & etc.)

8. You can heat multiple buildings with an outdoor wood furnace.

9. You can heat a swimming pool or spa with an outdoor wood furnace.

10. So on and so on.

Indoor Wood Furnaces VS Outdoor Wood Furnaces:

1. You need to bring the wood in the home.

2. Bugs, smoke, dust and ash are best outdoors.

3. Refer to lists above!


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