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Water to Water

Water to Water Plate Exchangers: Plate exchanger are designed to transfer heat from two different water supplies and never have the two waters touch. This has several advantages. First being pressurized systems and non-pressurized systems. This will also allow you to heat domestic hot water, Boilers and any other form of water or liquid.



UL Certified, 316L Stainless Steel (Highest Quality)


Advantages of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers:

·  High heat transfer coefficient

·  Small unit size with high heat transfer capacity

·  Cost efficiency

·  Stainless steel connections

·  Easy installation


Typical Applications:

·  Central Heating

·  Hydronic Heating

·  Solar and Geothermic Heating

·   Industrial Process Heat Recovery

·   Condensers and Evaporators in Refrigeration Systems

·   Oil Coolers

·   Close Approach Fluid-to-Fluid Heat Transfer

We were recently able to purchase plate exchangers in larger numbers and save our customers even more money.  Thank you to our customers!


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