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Space Heaters

DB LogoDragon Breath Space Heaters mount about anywhere. They are used to heat basements, Garages, workshops, greenhouses, warehouses and about anything you can think of. These units come with fan, water to air exchanger and louvered grills. The fans are speed controllable and are commercial grade units. Stamped fan blades quietly exhaust high air volumes. Made in the USA!


These units will hook to any Boiler or wood furnace easily.

Installation of Space Heaters is simple and can be done in a couple hours.

Step 1: Mount unit where you want it. You can hang unit or mount a shelve to sit it on.

Step 2: Run the water lines to the Space Heater. This is water which comes from your wood furnace or boiler.

Step 3: Run wire from Space heater to thermostat and then plug it in. Your done!


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