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This is going on until we sell all in stock! W have deals on boiler treatment and things like that,. plus we would love to see you all again. If your looking to buy a unit, We have a variety of colors to choose from in stock.


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Biggest Year for Wood Furnace Sales since 2005!

We are working to keep up with the demand, however we feel the demand is to strong and realistically we will be sold out for the year in September. So don’t wait.

As most of you know, we ran out of furnaces last year! We are stocking up now to try to prevent this again. We are already busy this summer. If you are interested “sooner then later”. Then we still have furnaces before heating season!


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Lebanon Fair Aug 7th – 9th
Terryville Fair Aug 28th – 30th
Goshen Fair Sept 5, 6, 7th
Bethlehem Fair Sept 11, 12, 13th
Big E Sept 18th – Oct 4th

Burrow money from the State of Connecticut at 1%, 3% or 6% based on income and location. The State of Connecticut is assisting with energy conservation loans. Go to http://chif.org or call 800-992-3665 or 233-5165

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