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Water to Air:

Water to Air Heat Exchangers are designed to fit right into your plenum of your exiting hot air furnace. These exchangers are made with the finest quality in the business.

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Ports are all 1" copper sweat

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Model BTU Dimensions Price
HTL12x12 60,000 A 12" x B 12" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL12x18 90,000 A 12" x B 18" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL12x24   120,000 A 12" x B 24" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL16x16 80,000 A 16" x B 16" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL16x18 100,000

A 16" x B 18" x C 3 1/2"

Current Price
HTL18x18 120,000 A 18" x B 18" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL18x20 140,000 A 18" x B 20" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL19x20 150,000 A 19" x B 20" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL20x20 160,000 A 20" x B 20" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL22x22 200,000 A 22" x B 22" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL22x30 265,000 A 22" x B 30" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL22x25 220,000 A 22" x B 25" x C 3 1/2" Current Price
HTL24x24 240,000 A 24" x B 24" x C 3 1/2" Current Price

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*** These prices are subject to change. ***

If you don't understand BTU (British Thermal Unit) This might make it a little easier to understand. 

60,000 Used Primarily in one room applications. Single garage, clothes dryer, hot tubs. Heats roughly 250 square feet
80,000 Used for most mobile home, single car garages. 1" Sw ports Heats roughly 500 square feet.
80,000 Used primarily for double garages, small workshops. Heats roughly 800 square feet
100,000 Used in work shops and small quest homes. Heats roughly 1500 square feet
125,000 Used in small homes and large work shops. Heats roughly 2000 square feet
140,000 Used for most homes and large garages or workshops. Heats roughly 2000 to 3000 square feet
160,000 Used to heat large homes. Heats roughly 3000 to 4500 square feet
200,000 Designed for commercial use. Heats roughly 4500 to 6000 square feet
240,000 Used for very large applications



If you would like to see a Water to Air exchanger installed and running please give us a call and we'll set a time for you to see it in person.

We stock all of these exchanger and can get them to you very quickly.













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