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The concept in which these wood furnaces works is so simple. As you can see in the picture diagram #1 (below), the fire pit is surrounded by water jacket. The water heats up to around 185 degrees and then is pumped into your home through insulated under ground Pex pipe. The hot water is then cycled through a domestic hot water heat exchanger and then it is sent to heat exchanger for your existing furnace. This is displayed in diagram #2 (below). The wood furnaces can also be hooked up to swimming pools, whirlpools, radiant floor heating system and about anything you can think of.


Diagram #2



What You Can Heat?

On top of heating your home and domestic hot water, these units can easily be set up to heat areas of your home such as garage and basements with little effort and cost is $0.0

First let me assure you this is a easy thing to do! If you are handy with the the homeowner basics you should have no problem setting this up yourself.

From the start of the company 20 years ago, our goal has been to help our customers achieve an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle with our efficient furnaces.

The Wood Master was designed for family use with safety in mind. Taking the fire hazard and the mess outside. We knew we could make a superior product then the other units on the market. The design of the heat-baffle round chamber would produce a superior heat transfer and water circulation.

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