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Customers Only

We are working to make life a little easier for our customers. Here are a couple things we are doing.

Referral program: Several customers have been referring customers to us which we appreciate very much! So our way to say thank you is going to be done with $100 check.

We believe our customers are our best advertising and we want to Thank our customers for helping us grow instead of paying a advertising person who we don’t know.


If you feel you have an idea that we can better assist our customers please let us know!

Don’t Forget: We supply all your yearly needs such as Sludge prevention and anything else you might need.

We Now Offer

Service Calls & Yearly Service Contracts for Connecticut WoodMaster furnace residents

  • Yearly Service Contract
  • Pre-Pay for Discounts

With our yearly service contract we will give your furnace the yearly maintenance needed to keep your system operating as it should.

Sign up for a 5 year program and receive a free
T-Shirt & Hat
Call to sign up: (203) 881-1602



Model 3300 4400 5500 6500 Discount
1 Year $99 $119 $149 $249
3 Year $282 $339 $424 $709 5%
5 Year $445 $535 $670 $1120

WoodMaster 5500/6500


  • Boiler
  • Treatment
  • Replacement Fire Rope
  • Inspect or replace Fan Covers
  • Lubrication of all Mechanical Parts
  • Warranty Inspection
  • Flush & Cleaning

WoodMaster 3300/4400


  • Boiler Treatment
  • Replacement Fire Rope
  • Inspect or Replace Fan Covers
  • Lubrication of all Mechanical Parts
  • Warranty Inspection
  • Flush & Cleaning

We also offer Service Calls

  • If you need help installing your furnace or decide to heat another part of your home, pool or spa.
  • If something is not just right and you need some help.
  • If your not home and need help.
  • If you need a drinking buddy.
  • Replacement parts and warranty calls.

Our Customers and their Outdoor Stove(s)
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