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Burning News

New Corn stove AFS 900 we expect in September 1st and a price tag about $5,500. What a really nice unit, small and compact. Can be put indoors or out.


New Corn or Pellet Stove!


AFS 1100 Giving you another way to heat your home. You can burn corn, paper pellets or wood pellets.





Borrow money from the State of Connecticut at 1%, 3% or 6% based on income and location. The State of Connecticut is assisting with energy conservation loans. Go tohttp://chif.org or call 800-992-3665 or 233-5165


Oil Prices expected to $150 barrel? According to the OTC (Oil and Gas Report) www.fidelisenergy.com


Fortune Magazine article “Are oil prices headed for a Super Spike?” In this article May 2, 2005 page 51 Basically it talks about Oil companies stoke prices growing rapidly. “Some analyst at Goldman Sachs says it’s going to be $105 a barrel” Check it out!

Oil Prices Soar to new heights, look at the history of prices of crude oil Click here! Prices of oil keep going up and oil companies profits keep going up as well. Oil company stocks are going up fast and investors are capitalizing on it. Oil companies would like to thank their customers for helping them reach record profits!!! The price of propane and natural gas is climbing just as fast. When is enough?

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