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Welcome to the Accessories Page: we try hard to make sure we have all the little thing our customers want for their wood furnace.

  Provided by Northwest ManufacturingProvided by Northwest Manufacturing

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Description Price
CX648 6" Stainless Steel Chimney Extension 4 FT $137.70
CX848 8" Stainless Steel Chimney Extension 4 FT $173.44
CX148 10" Stainless Steel Chimney Extension 4 FT $307.01
CX601 6" Twist-Lock Deluxe Chimney Cap $41.80
CX801 8" Twist-Lock Deluxe Chimney Cap $61.54
CX101 10" Twist-Lock Deluxe Chimney Cap $111.71
CX999 Twist-Lock Spark Arrester Band $10.00

 Ash Auger    Ash Removal system for Wood Master Furnace   5500 Model = $495.00         4400 Model =$450.00

The Ash Auger mounts very easily into any Wood Master Wood Furnace. It Takes about 10 minutes to install. It allows the fine ash to fall through the crate and keeps the coals in. A wonderful option to make life easier.

Give Us a call to come by to see a wood furnace running.

(203) 881-1602

We suggest that you see a wood furnace up and running because it show you how simple they are to hook to your home.

Prices for all parts and furnaces can be found on the Parts Page or Furnace Page.



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